Win $500

If you can identify a single sentence that appears in any Barry Chamish article that is Truthful, we will pay you $500!!

That's right!

To claim your prize, all you have to do is identify a single sentence that Barry Chamish has published that is factually correct!

To qualify, the sentence must meet the following conditions:

  1. It must be a full sentence with at least 10 words in it.
  2. You must demonstrate that Chamish did in fact write the sentence, such as by providing full URL information.
  3. The sentence must be factually correct.
  4. The burden of proof of the factual correctness is upon the person submitting the entry. Contest managers need not disprove any Chamish claims in any sentence submitted.
  5. The sentence cannot be something non-disprovable, such as Chamish claiming he dreamed he saw space aliens last night, or his claiming he ate gummy bears for breakfast, or that he dislikes his ex-wife.

To claim your prize, send your entry to:

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

POB. 1796
New York, NY 10022

Number of qualifying awards claimed to date = 0.

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